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Frognot:  "Welcome to Frognot" CD-R

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Frognot: "Welcome to Frognot" CD-R

$ 10.00

Frognot, not just a town in Texas, but rather once a band from 1996-2000, featuring Breast Cancer Can Stick It! founder, April Samuels on drums.  April Samuels and Dennis Leonard founded the band in 1996, quickly filling the guitar role with Kenneth Allen, and bassist position with April's brother, Todd.   These CDs have been donated to us, so after shipping, 100% of the purchase goes towards the fight against breast cancer!  Get great tunes and STICK IT to breast cancer at the same time.  

Track listing:

1 What I Want
2 Little Pieces
3 Feel It
4 You Never Know
5 Remember
6 Empty
7 Mother
8 Everyday Thing
9 The Fall
10 Stranger Than Me
11 Just Like You

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